Bookkeeping Service Fees

Bookkeeping Service Fees

MyTaxGuru LLC offers three types of Bookkeeping services for you:Fixed fee per month, per hour charge, or our student rate.

We can offer monthly pick-up and delivery services as well. So whether you are a small business working out of your house or a business with many employees it is cost effective to use our bookkeeping services.

Save you time and money: Reconciling bank statements, payroll, and financial statement. Our bookkeepers type faster and are more familiar with the activities necessary. It is our familiarity that builds the speed and achieves the accuracy required. In contrast you are unfamiliar thus creating extra time for yourself, lending yourself to procrastination and losing the benefits of financial comparison

Blowing the competition away: Since we are also accountants we do not need to charge you for reviewing the bookkeeper’s records, if we are doing the tax return also. Secondly our student rates are half of our normal rates. We have made many arrangements with several institutions in the area that we train their participants and since they earn credits for their service we pay them less accordingly, passing the savings on to you. Ask for details and restrictions.

We offer three pricing options:

Flat Rate Pricing:
Our fee for bookkeeping service is based upon the volume of transactions in a reporting period and also on the overall complexity of your business. Factors affecting our fee structure include:

  • Number of deposits
  • Number of checks written
  • Number of employees and pay frequency
  • Frequency of Financial reports required
  • Number of bank and credit card accounts to be reconciled
  • Current state of your accounting records
  • other misc. items

Our typical start up package is $350 set up fee which includes up to six months of prior bookkeeping services, and $200/month which includes 8 hours of bookkeeping service each month. Extra time is charged at $25 an hour.


Hourly Base rate Pricing:
Our rates varies between $25 to $35 per hour depending on level of volume and complexity. Our pricing is highly competitive and vary depending on whether the service being provided is on-site or an off-site service. A brief summary has been included below. We are to some degree flexible on the billing rate, so if you have any questions please contact us for more details.

Pricing at your location pricing:
Flat Fee of $35 to $50 per hour. (Setup fee not included.)
The total hours of service each month depends on the services required and the time required to complete them

Student Pricing:
We have made arrangements with many institutions throughout South Florida and as such we pay our program participants with credits and then pass the savings on to you. The bookkeeping is still reviewed my experienced para professional.

Estimating fee Rule of thumb:
to estimate the average inputting of your information per hour is equated to 50 cents per transaction. (Inputting into QuickBooks). However our minimum fee is $75 per month

No additional charges for telephone calls or monthly meetings with staff members

Pick-up and delivery fee =

  1. $25 per pick-up and delivery fee for in person paraprofessional
  2. Free if we email or mail you the information


Please keep in mind most of our clients do not live within south Florida and they email us their information every month



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